Access Proclaim cases… without using Proclaim

CaseViewer enables you to export a complete Proclaim case history, for use in a non-Proclaim Windows environment (for example, laptop or Microsoft tablet).

Take it with you

Using CaseViewer, you can export the case – or cases – of your choosing, for view-access by authorised third-parties or staff members. CaseViewer holds a copy of the full contents of the case(s) selected, including:

  • The case history
  • Associated history documents
  • Relevant screens and fields

CaseViewer then enables the user to manipulate the exported history contents, ranging from a simple ‘sort’ or ‘search’, through to reordering columns and filtering data based upon specific rules. The original Proclaim data held within your Proclaim system is unaffected by any manipulation carried out in CaseViewer.

Who would use it?

  • A solicitor wishing to take Proclaim case history with them to court, where there is no wi-fi access available (CaseViewer does not need internet access other than at its first installation)
  • A partner organisation (for example, a costs draftsman) with the need to access your Proclaim case(s) in a safe and flexible environment