Proclaim BI

Know Your Data

Proclaim BI is a business intelligence dashboard that provides law firms with detailed analytics on key aspects of their business. Users can break down vast amount of data, analyse where improvements can be made, and create a more efficient working environment.

It includes dashboards to cater for both case-related information and financial and accounting metrics with the information displayed being unique to the user’s profile. Reports can be created displaying data in an easy-to-read format.

A standard case analytics report includes the following:

  • Live Matters
  • Cases Opened
  • Cases Closed
  • WIP Completed
  • Top 5 Handlers (WIP)
  • Top 5 Cases (WIP)
  • Actions Completed on All Matters

And a standard accounts report includes:

  • Fees Billed/Costs Received Overview (Year to date and Current Period)
  • Debtors Amount (Current)
  • Bank Balances (Office and Client)(Current)
  • Aged Bills

Proclaim BI delivers a single source of the truth (data) to staff in a usable format, and acts as a simple and secure way to share data within the business and to provide reporting that is tailored to different users.

The flexibility to pull data from numerous locations into a user-friendly format, which benefits solicitors and finance staff equally, proves to be of great benefit to law firms.

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