SecureDocs... The secure alternative to emailing confidential documentation

Eclipse Legal Systems Securedocs online document delivery secure signing system

SecureDocs is the new online document delivery and acceptance tool from Eclipse. SecureDocs gives you the confidence that information sent will safely and securely reach the intended recipient.


SecureDocs does NOT transmit documents – it sends an email message from Proclaim to the recipient, who then logs into a secure online portal to view the document(s). Only your intended recipient can view the documents as only they will have the prerequisite login details. Even if you email the wrong recipient, they can do nothing with that email – they have no access to the documents it points to.

Say goodbye to:

  • The risk of sending sensitive information to the wrong person
  • Releasing sensitive information into the wild to be intercepted by malicious users

Acceptance – audit trail – 100% confidence

SecureDocs goes further than just ensuring guaranteed delivery.

  • Recipients can ‘accept’ documents (with a digital signature if you wish) or ‘decline’ them
  • Documents can also be signed by multiple parties
  • You automatically receive a time-stamped notification back into Proclaim to let you know that the documents have been viewed and (if appropriate) accepted or declined.  You also have access to an overview reporting tool to see how many documents have been sent, accepted, declined, etc
  • From here, additional workflow can be built in to progress the case onwards automatically

Who would use it?

  • Any organisation transmitting confidential, sensitive or personal information
  • A personal injury practice for client signup
  • A law firm when requiring client acceptance of ‘terms of business’
  • An accident management organisation when requesting client confirmation of hire details
  • A medical agency when requesting client ‘sign off’ of a medical report