Getting the most from your software

Eclipse is dedicated to providing software solutions that fit 100% with your needs.

In the increasingly demanding legal and commercial services marketplaces, integration between your software systems is essential. Eclipse Proclaim Case Management Software is geared to synchronise easily with 3rd party systems to enable you to enjoy full and seamless ‘Best of Breed’ IT solutions.

Open System Unions

Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management software integrates with not only the Eclipse Proclaim Accounts system, but also with a number of 3rd party financial systems (Elite, SOS, Edgebyte, Paragon, Sage — with more to follow). This ‘Open Systems’ ethos provides increased choice and flexibility should you wish to implement ‘best fit’ solutions from individual providers.

Web Services

Web Services is essentially a system of software interfaces that allow applications to communicate with each other in a platform- and programming language-independent manner, using protocols based on “.xml” (Extensible Markup Language) — rapidly becoming the principal language for software communications.

Web Services enables users of Eclipse’s Proclaim system to integrate with a huge range of third party applications, facilitating new ‘Best of Breed’ options for law firms and commercial services organisations. Developers of law firm and third party systems can be provided with a software toolkit to enable them to access the Proclaim back-end business and database logic, allowing them to develop applications in a huge variety of languages.

Referrers and Panels

Proclaim’s compatibility with a huge range of case referrers (be they insurers, PI claims firms, conveyancing panels, lenders, etc) enables you to accept electronically forwarded volume work and build seamless relationships with vital business partners.

Bespoke Integration

Using Proclaim‘s range of compatibility interfaces, we are able to build in a huge range of integration links with a variety of third party products and complementary businesses. Smooth and accurate data sharing is assured, along with the benefits of closer and more efficient business relationships.

See some examples of our most popular integrations.