Market-leading support and aftercare

With any software system, the availability of fast, expert support is of paramount importance.

At Eclipse, we have a dedicated Support team (located in-house, NOT at a remote site) whose sole purpose is to enable all Proclaim users to get the maximum benefit from their system. Not only does our team provide expert advice on all things Proclaim-based, but they can also provide support and assistance on complementary software, networking, hardware issues, etc.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with our Support team, they are contactable via phone, fax, email or web: this last ‘online Support’ service enables you to log requests online and then view the progress of resolutions in real-time — together with a complete history of your support requests.

Eclipse Support is a key element of the Proclaim maintenance contract, and we do our utmost to resolve any Support request as soon as possible.

We have developed a reputation for exemplary support levels in the legal IT industry, and have in place a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) that details both the support we provide, and how to make contact with us.

In addition, our secure online Client Area provides all Eclipse clients with product documentation, ‘Masterclass’ development guides, Eclipse newsletters, technical information, and an online Support Knowledge Base for quick solutions to frequently asked questions.