Aequitas Legal

Established in 2009 by Sucheet Amin, Aequitas Legal specialises in winning compensation for victims of non-fault accidents. A solicitor with over 10 years’ personal injury experience, Sucheet saw an opening in the sector for a responsive service provider with a focus on client care and impeccable delivery.

Sucheet chose Eclipse’s Proclaim software as the firm’s core practice management system, and here he talks us through his decision and subsequent ongoing use of Proclaim.

Why did you choose Eclipse and Proclaim?

I first became aware of Eclipse over five years ago, reading about them in industry journals. At that time I was charged with selecting and implementing a case management software system for my former practice (a Manchester-based PI specialist), and took a look at the firm’s Proclaim solution based on the excellent reviews I had read.

We were not let down, and the Proclaim case management implementation at my previous firm was a great success; this made it the obvious choice for me when I decided to ‘go it alone’ and form Aequitas Legal. I also opted for Eclipse’s Proclaim Accounts system, to form a fully-integrated practice solution. Eclipse’s installation and support services are excellent; staff are always very helpful and on occasions exceptional.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from the system?

Proclaim provides us with a single centralised system with which to manage our entire caseload. Automated routines enable case-related tasks to be generated intelligently, based upon previous actions and due dates. This provides an excellent way to manage our day and avoids ‘peaks and troughs’ of work.

In addition, Proclaim’s ‘reminder’ function ensures that key considerations such as limitation dates are taken into account and never missed. This helps Aequitas Legal to ensure that matters are worked on in a proactive manner, progressed as quickly as possible, with as much accuracy as is needed to ensure all issues are met.

Taking this further, Proclaim’s ‘ATM’ (Automated Task Manager) tool allows standard administrative tasks to be generated and even completed with no manual intervention required. This frees up valuable time to focus attention on more pressing matters, and reduces overheads as a result.

As an example, court proceedings can be issued with the click of a button, and this action automatically creates the relevant set of questions and documents. Duplication and expenses are greatly reduced.

To what degree have you tailored Proclaim in line with your bespoke needs?

I was the system administrator at my previous practice, so have a good deal of experience in terms of tailoring and tuning Proclaim to specific needs.
Such is the depth and quality of training provided by Eclipse, I have been able to take on the ‘standard’ Proclaim system at Aequitas Legal and from there develop my own unique workflows and document precedents. The system I have now is tuned specifically to my firm’s goals – meeting client needs without compromising on service or care.

In addition, Proclaim includes a report creation and generator toolset, and by using this I have been able to form a unique report library to extract any element of management information required. Of particular note is the fact that Proclaim reporting includes the financial and accounting side – I have never seen another piece of legal software that allows such tailoring of accounts-specific reports. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to swamp my bank manager with more data than he will ever require!

How does Proclaim fit in with the overall Aequitas Legal’s strategy?

Aequitas Legal is committed to providing the highest level of client service with the best possible outcome. The name stems from the Latin phrase “veritas et aequitas”, which means “truth and justice” and this perfectly sums up our ethos.

We would not be able to set standards so high without Proclaim. The software is essential to our strategy in delivering efficiency and transparency. For example, we aim to advise clients throughout the duration of their cases, ensuring they are kept fully informed. Proclaim allows us to automate this by generating appropriate letters, emails and even SMS text messages at relevant points in the case.

In terms of business development, Proclaim has helped Aequitas Legal secure membership to ‘Quality Solicitors’, a newly-formed organisation that insists on members meeting very exacting criteria.

Do you have any future plans or goals…?

I intend to apply for Lexcel accreditation in our very first year of trading. The Lexcel requirements focus heavily on management of client matters, and it is here where Proclaim will be of great assistance. We will also be able to demonstrate with ease where requirements of the Lexcel standard (that are not already being met) can be immediately addressed.

In conclusion, the Proclaim system is exceptional. I have worked on a number of legal software systems throughout my career, and Proclaim is comfortably the most user-friendly and effective of them all.

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