Box Legal

Box Legal Ltd was formed in 2002 by the firm of KSB Law in London, as a means of obtaining After the Event (ATE) insurance for Personal Injury claims. This strategy proved successful, so much so that Box Legal now operates as an independent entity, serving a huge range of claimant law firms.

The firm, owned by its directors Daniel Morris and Simon Pinner (both former partners of KSB Law), has been a user of Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management software from day one. Daniel tells us about Box Legal, its reasons for IT investment and how software has shaped its service delivery.

About Box Legal

When we were at KSB, there was an understandable reluctance to insure claims because of the weight of administration involved. We saw this as an opportunity, and Box Legal was formed to deal exclusively with the provision and management of ATE policies.

Following research that showed around two-thirds of practices self-insure, we saw a great niche to move into, and Box Legal matured into the general marketplace. Since that time we have gone from strength-to-strength, and we now count a large proportion of the claimant practice sector as our clients – ranging from small high-street firms to some of the heavyweight volume players.

The Implementation

On forming Box Legal, we knew we had to have a solid software system in place to organise our workload. The reason for the majority of practices not purchasing ATE policies was the paper-based burden. Our initial strategy, based around streamlining and ‘digitising’ the process to make it less labour-intensive, would be faster and far less painful.

KSB used the previous version of Eclipse’s software – ‘Chase’ – so we approached Eclipse to see if they could assist. The firm’s new version of software, Proclaim, really stood out in terms of the flexibility it could offer. As we were embarking on something of a different path, standard ‘out of the box’ systems really did not fit the bill. We needed a solution that would enable us to build a bespoke process management system from the ground up, and the toolkits we saw within Proclaim ticked our boxes.

We quickly saw that Proclaim could sit not just as an administrative tool, but as a complete management system to build our service offering upon.

Our Use of Proclaim

We spent time tailoring Proclaim, using the system’s inbuilt toolkits, with the goal of creating a system based purely around what we do. We have been able to create something that is bespoke to us, providing a great level of competitive advantage. Proclaim is designed to be tailored – the toolset is not an afterthought, and this is vital in a sector where many systems are presented as ‘flexible’, but really fail to live up to that.

We’ve been able to carry out all system changes in-house, meaning a far lower ongoing cost than if we had to bring in external help. Using Proclaim’s workflow engine we have been able to streamline the insurance process and provide an enhanced service to our solicitor clients. In essence, we have trimmed out the administrative waste and automated everything that can possibly be automated! This was a necessity – our business model is low-margin, and to provide a cost-effective service to our clients we can ill-afford to have bloated or wasteful work processes.

One of the key business drivers for us has been the ability to provide direct database import and export links with some law firms that already utilise Proclaim. This allows them to transfer case data directly into our system, improves our reporting techniques and provides them with administrative support all without the pain of heavy manual work and correspondence.

For clients that do not use Proclaim, we can still receive case data and reports either via emailed spreadsheets or through our website (, whereby they simply log on to a secure client area and transfer data to us. Import routines pull this data through to our Proclaim system and populate all relevant fields instantaneously, again with no manual intervention.

Our Strategy

This speed of communication has not only helped us to keep our costs as low as possible, but has also helped to grow our clientbase substantially.

The ‘Box Legal ATE Insurance Scheme’ enables practices working with us to enjoy an unrivalled level of automation. As part of the scheme, we at Box Legal actually configure our clients’ Proclaim systems to make the ATE policy process as smooth and painless as possible. We are able to create specific ‘ATE Insurance’ screens and relevant fields. In addition, we can even build a document workflow that will notify all relevant parties of cancellations, discovery of BTE insurance, funding details, and outcomes.

I am delighted at how, with Proclaim, Box Legal can work to keep ATE costs, administration and reporting at an all-time low whilst allowing solicitors the freedom and control to cancel at any time. Proclaim has been vital in the growth and success of Box Legal, and with it we can ensure that no practice need be discouraged from properly covering their risks!

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