Brady Solicitors

Proclaim helps property litigation law firm to achieve 100% success rate

Brady Solicitors is an award-winning residential property litigation and debt collection practice, specialising in helping property management companies, developers, local authorities and landlords throughout the UK.

Brady Solicitors implemented Eclipse’s Proclaim Practice Management Software in early 2009.   Vin Chauhan, Head of IT at the practice, talks us through his experience of Eclipse and Proclaim.

Why did you choose Proclaim?

Our initial search was based upon finding a flexible and responsive Case & Practice Management solution that would provide a springboard for us to grow the business.

We had aggressive expansion plans and we needed a software system that would grow and adapt in line with our commercial aims.   Our ethos is based around client care and impeccable service, and our selected software partner had to share these values.

Throughout the initial consultation process, Eclipse stood apart from other vendors as being able to offer a remarkably configurable system backed by an industry-leading, hands-on support and consultancy service.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Proclaim?

Brady Solicitors has a commitment to client care and to making the recovery of service charge arrears a speedy and efficient process.   Proclaim enables us to operate in a completely paperless environment – there is no need to maintain cabinets full of paper files.   Every outgoing document can be distributed via email and every incoming item is scanned and stored against the relevant case within Proclaim.   No information is ever lost, as every action taken (even just a simple phone call) is recorded within the system.

In addition, Proclaim’s integrated design toolkits mean that we can create new system screens and processes in a timely manner, to fit in with (often demanding) clients and their changing needs.

Our business relies on all case handlers being able to progress cases as quickly and accurately as possible.
Proclaim provides the flexibility for them to do this, but also enables us to create strict rule sets which ensure fee earners are automatically reminded of ‘next steps’; a key element of human error (forgetfulness!) is   therefore completely removed from the equation.

To what degree have you tailored Proclaim in line with your bespoke needs?

We have tailored Proclaim significantly, using the system’s own tools.   New screens have been added to our debt recovery system, we have been able to add specific data fields and workflow steps, and we have added significantly to the existing document library with our own in-house resources.

Brady Solicitors often agrees bespoke workflows (ways of progressing cases) with clients.   We can react extremely quickly to service level amendments and if we need something that isn’t there… we simply build it!   Such flexibility has allowed us to scale up our business rapidly and be confident that thousands of cases are being handled concurrently in line with our specific commercial requirements.

Do you use Proclaim for management reporting and analysis?

Accurate and rapid reporting is vital for us.   Within Proclaim we have developed a range of client-specific reports which can be fully automated for distribution to set contacts at set times – no manual intervention required.   Clients have even commented on how easy our weekly reports are to understand and how valuable they are in helping them to run their operations.

We use a number of case milestones to help us to provide extensive statistical information for both management and clients.   This, together with the financial reports available within the Proclaim Accounts system, helps us to build an accurate picture of exactly where our business is at any one time.

What are your plans for the future?

Proclaim has already delivered many business benefits, from workflows to automated reports but we know that the system can help us to work even smarter.

Despite the success of Brady Solicitors we are not resting on our laurels and are keen to improve our processes even further.   For example, we are actively looking into how Proclaim can integrate with clients’ systems for automatic import and export of shared data.   We see this kind of ‘seamless’ client relationship as very much the direction we want to be heading in and we are also investigating how we can further enhance our business intelligence and reporting systems.

We believe that IT is vital in providing a first-class service.   The level of care our clients enjoy, and for which they continue to recommended us, could not have been achieved without Proclaim.

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