Claim 2 Gain

Claim 2 Gain offers a specialist claims handling service for victims of mis-sold financial products and services. The firm deals purely with financial complaints, with focus on endowment policies, bank charges, and PPI (payment protection insurance). Claim 2 Gain implemented Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management Software in late 2007; director, Matt Whiting, talks us through both the selection process and ongoing usage.

Why did you choose Eclipse and Proclaim?

Our existing system, which was not specifically designed for dealing with claims, was becoming to struggle under the weight of new instructions we were receiving. The decision was made to view a selection of dedicated ‘claims’ workflow and database systems: top of our wish-list was flexibility, strong automation features, and the opportunity for us to grow the system in line with our planned increase in volumes. Proclaim immediately stood out – it offered a very complete toolkit which we saw as being vital to help us stay ahead of ever-changing markets and legislation. This level of ‘future-proofing’ sealed it for us, and our decision was made!

To what degree have you tailored Proclaim in line with your bespoke needs?

Every stage of our claims handling procedure has been mapped and translated into a Proclaim workflow. The system has an integrated ‘editor’ which means that we can tailor and fine-tune processes to a very exacting degree. We now have a system which automates as much of the case handling process as possible, and this has brought a new level of accuracy to what we do.

When we installed Proclaim, our staff had little or no knowledge of ‘system design’ or business analysis. However, we found the software so simple to use that we were able to effectively build a completely bespoke system from scratch. For example, when Proclaim was installed we were not dealing with some types of claims and have since had to build these processes from the ground up. The task has always been blissfully simple. By building the system in this manner, we have given ourselves a huge range of freedom. With other software that I’ve used, it’s been a case of ‘make do and mend’. But with Proclaim, we can get the software to work precisely around our needs – we do not have to compromise.

One of the biggest advantages is that decisions about what can and can’t be done are not made by disconnected IT people, miles away from us. Our staff – the actual end-users – can have control over what they want the software to do. Just because something looks good on paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on a computer screen… we have the power to tailor the system and quickly experiment with alternative solutions and ways of tackling procedural issues.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from the system?

In short, our staff our working more efficiently, the claims process is speeded up, and our clients are getting a better service! Since implementing Proclaim, we have seen clear and dramatic improvements in our day-to-day running of the business. The complete flexibility of the system has meant that if we want the system to do something, we simply work out what we want to happen and then implement it accordingly.

When a claim is started, we can now be assured that actions will be taken once – there is no duplication of effort, and we have a much higher level of accuracy. We no longer have to rely on our claims handlers having individual knowledge of each and every provider and their different procedures. If one type of claim needs to be sent on to one particular address, and another type of claim sent to a different address, Proclaim knows this already and our claims handlers avoid having to choose from a bewildering list of addresses and contacts.

Automated administrative routines mean that we send the correct information, in the correct format, to the correct place the very first time. Gone are the days of to-ing and fro-ing between different departments and then suffering rejection because a tick was put in the wrong box!

How does Proclaim fit in with your overall strategy?

Our ethos is one of speed, clarity and accuracy. Proclaim has allowed us to give our clients more information, more quickly and in a format that they can understand. By building our system in line with our preferred methods of working, we have been able to fine-tune the way in which we relay information, and retain the flexibility to make fast, reliable changes to our service offering. As new lines of claim opportunities have presented themselves (such as PPI), so we have been able to grow our system and maintain impeccable standards of accuracy and client communication.

We are now more confident than ever that any new claims process – whatever this may be – can be dealt with entirely within Proclaim, and we can move forward with the confidence that our system will keep pace with the market.

Do you have any future plans or goals for Proclaim?

In the short-term we want to take more advantage of Proclaim’s online facilities, and plan to implement the ‘FileView’ online case tracking tool. This will enable our clients to view automated updates on the progress of their claims via the internet, whenever they want, rather than just when we are available.

Our long-term plans are always evolving, and we will always be investigating likely claims developments. We envisage Proclaim being at the very core of what we do for as long as we are managing claims – the system will grow and develop with us.

Choosing and installing any type of core software system is a daunting task. However, had I known what the benefits of implementing Proclaim would be, I would have done it years ago!

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