Conveyancing Expert

Proclaim helps specialist conveyancing firm to provide a stress-free and expert service

Conveyancing Expert specialises purely in property transactions – both Directors are from ‘Top 100’ law firms and every fee earner has at least 10 years’ conveyancing experience.

The firm implemented Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management and Accounts system in early 2010 to manage conveyancing and remortgage files from start to completion.   Founder and Director, Gavin Wall, talks us through how Conveyancing Expert utilises Proclaim to stay ahead of the competition.

Why did you decide to implement a Case Management system?

In the very early days of the firm, we knew that staff would be our biggest expenditure.   We realised that by implementing a software system to manage case progression and automate administration, we could provide a high quality and efficient service with a headcount of around 50% less than ‘the norm’.

A related benefit here is that, with a smaller headcount, we can maintain a personal and ‘family’ feel rather than give clients the perception of a factory or   ‘conveyor belt’ organisation.

Why did you choose Proclaim?

At the outset we opted for an alternative Case Management system from another provider, based purely on the fact that their system was marginally cheaper.   We soon regretted that decision.   Our previous supplier consistently overpromised and under-delivered (including the non-provision of an online quotes system, unreliable performance, frequent system crashes and poor support).

Eventually we turned to Eclipse, implemented Proclaim to replace our incumbent system, and haven’t looked back since!   If you ask any member of our team their feelings about Proclaim (and they have all used other systems), they respond with a resounding “brilliant”.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Proclaim?

The standout benefit is how Proclaim speeds up the progression of a file and reduces manual administration.   For example, I personally can do an SDLT submission in 3 minutes 40 seconds… and I’m relatively slow compared to some members of the team!

Where Proclaim really adds value is in its ability to allow case handlers to check on progress and reply to queries.   Any client can call us for a progress update, or with a question, and any member of our team can instantly open the file to provide an accurate update on the latest position.   All the data is there, organised logically, with every single action ever taken on the file available for recall in the blink of an eye.

Estate agents, in particular, love this as they don’t receive three different updates depending on who they speak to!   In addition, complaints are rare as our clients always feel accurately informed regarding the status of their transaction – Proclaim prevents any misinformation, which can so easily happen in a property chain.   We insist on staff returning client calls within the hour, and emails within 4 hours – a goal that would have been unachievable without a reliable, easy to use Case Management system.   And of course, Proclaim ensures that we can always demonstrate exactly what has happened, when, and who was involved.

Those involved in conveyancing transactions are going through a stressful time, and even with our exceptionally high standards (and as in any business), some clients expect more than is possible to deliver, or more than circumstances allow.   With reports that the Legal Ombudsman continually favours clients in any dispute, it is useful to be able to address minor concerns from clients within seconds, preventing complaints from developing and actually turning the situation around to create informed and happy clients.

Do you use FileView, Proclaim’s online case tracking system?

Absolutely!   Given technological advances in general, people expect instant gratification and transparency from service providers.   Firms that rely on manually sending updates to clients via post are, to be blunt, likely to die out.   Thanks to FileView, our clients benefit from 24-hour online access to selected case details, so they can see what is going on at any time.   In a sector such as conveyancing, where people inevitably worry about their new home, providing access to live information whenever they need it is another way of ensuring they are happy with the service they receive.

What are your plans or the future?

We are constantly finding new ways of using Proclaim – the system grows organically in line with our needs.   For example, we use Proclaim’s reporting functions heavily to judge file distribution and measure optimum workloads.   This level of ‘data control’ and the way in which we progress cases has enabled us to obtain a number of large contracts.   We are part of the Your Move panel (the country’s second largest estate agency) and are considering the opening of an estate agency ourselves.

Proclaim sits at the heart of our operations and is by some margin the best conveyancing case management system I have used.

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