Government of the British Virgin Islands

british-virgin-islands“Proclaim is the clear market leader and is now a fundamental part of our organisation. Essentially, the system is crucial to us in driving our cases to an effective outcome.”

“The sheer scope of toolsets available to us means we can tailor the system as and when we need to – without the intervention of external IT experts – to meet any ongoing legislative changes.”
Wayne Rajbansie, Director of Public Prosecutions

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), a constitutionally independent office, handles all aspects of Criminal Law and prosecution for the Territory, including Magisterial, High Court, Appeals and Privy Council.

As Director of Public Prosecutions, Wayne Rajbansie is expected to institute and undertake criminal proceedings, serve as the accounting officer, oversee day-to-day administration of the office and liaise with the Governor, Commissioner of Police and other institutions on criminal matters.

The challenge
The ODPP conducted a review of its internal IT infrastructure and came to the conclusion that it needed to increase efficiencies and phase out manual systems, instead embracing innovative and future-proof technology.

The office was looking for a scalable but robust system that could grow with expanding needs, whilst also facilitating the flexibility required to shape services around local statutes and criminal procedures.

The solution
Working in conjunction with Eclipse, a bespoke Proclaim Case Management system was implemented to meet the specific needs of the ODPP. The flexible nature of Proclaim has meant the office has been able to configure it to match the Criminal Code and law, eliminating duplicate data entry and ensuring complete accuracy.

Furthermore, the integrated reporting suite and its drill-down capabilities have enabled the ODPP to produce accurate and timely statistics which assist with policy formation to pro-actively address crime.

The results
Since implementation, the ODPP is greatly enhancing its efficiency and streamlining tasks integral to its processes. Elements such as the calendar management tool have proven invaluable – the automatic creation of entries and reminders mean staff can track cases and files, whilst also ensuring Counsel meets all court set deadlines.

Additionally, the complete flexibility of the system is a major benefit to the office. The inbuilt toolkits mean authorised staff can tailor the system at any time to suit requirements, ensuring centralised access to information – from criminal records and sentencing guidelines to individual sentences and nationality.

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