Insurance Medical Reporting

Insurance Medical Reporting (IMR) specialises in providing medical expert reports on behalf of clients injured in non-fault road traffic accidents. The firm provides its services for some of the country’s leading insurers, law firms and intermediaries, and has grown from 28 staff in 2006 to 72 staff at the time of writing (August 2010). Tony Maxwell, Head of IT at IMR, talks us through his experience of Eclipse and Proclaim.

When was Proclaim implemented, and why did you choose the system?

The past four years have seen the business expand rapidly with a series of new client wins. The original systems we had in place were not geared to manage high volume throughput and we were aware that if case input was to continue rising at the same pace, there was a critical need to address our IT infrastructure.

We carried out an extensive review of the case management software marketplace, with a view to selecting a system that would give us as much future-proofing as possible. Eclipse Legal Systems was seen as the most progressive vendor we met and its ambitions were matched by its impressive client roster. The firm’s solution, Proclaim, seemed to not only fit the processes of IMR at that time, but also offered the flexibility to adapt to our changing processes on an ongoing basis.

Have you implemented any functionality using your in-house IT team?

We have been very proactive in making sure that we understand Proclaim and take full advantage of the system’s inbuilt toolkits. Over time we have developed an excellent knowledge of the system, and this has enabled us to tailor and mould Proclaim in a practically unlimited way. Everything can be changed (or tweaked, or even built from scratch), from data fields and screens through to reports and workflow streams. The toolkits work mainly on a ‘drag and drop’ basis, so you don’t need to have a team of developers at hand every time a change is needed!

Using our internal resources we have been able to build sophisticated workflows that allow us to offer different types of service for different clients. For example, if we have a particular law firm client that has to meet insurer SLAs, we can ensure that we build time-critical tasks and communications into how files are progressed. Case handlers do not have to manually alter the way in which they work for each individual client – Proclaim will run cases through as the end client has requested, and that means greater accuracy and faster delivery.

Do you use Proclaim for management reporting facilities / statistics?

Yes, we are constantly striving to drive improvement across IMR, and effective management information is critical to us. Proclaim contains its own integrated reporting suite, and we use that intensively to generate data on case volumes, speed of case closure, and individual case handler performance. Used in tandem with Proclaim’s ATM (Automated Task Manager), we can even automate generation so that key information and regular reporting can be disseminated with no actual manual intervention. In addition, we have integrated this element of Proclaim with MS SharePoint, which enables us to further extend how we deliver daily statistics both internally and to external parties.

How do you use Proclaim to link with business partners?

We utilise Proclaim’s connectivity features as standard, in all case instructions. Wherever possible, all instructions are sent and received electronically to provide a full audit path throughout the case lifecycle. Our clients and partners naturally use different methods for both sending and receiving data, but Proclaim sits at the heart of our communications and facilitates the different methods comfortably.

For example, on a very simple level we distribute all information via email as standard, making our processes as paperless as possible. However, for firms that have the capability, we can extend this and actually send and receive volume case data in .csv or .xml format. This means that, in our case, we can receive an email with a spreadsheet attachment, automatically open it, scrape out the data, and import it into the relevant Proclaim cases (or create new ones if they do not exist).

Proclaim also provides the facility for secure encrypted transmission of information and reports between IMR and our panel of medical experts. In addition, we use Eclipse’s ‘FileView’ tool to allow appointments to be viewed and booked online via our secure website. This process frees up panel members’ time to focus on actual patient needs and production of the medical report.

Do you have any future plans that you’d like to share?

We are constantly developing the way we use Proclaim, and our most recent project involves some changes to the way we operate and enhancement of the overall way in which our cases are progressed. We also have several other projects in development which will all deliver increased customer service over and above market-leading levels.

We have seen clear financial benefits gained through improving the way we manage cases with Proclaim’s ‘workflows’, and we aim to ensure that the best possible service is delivered on a daily basis. We will continue to expand our use of Proclaim in line with our success and expansion. The system is the clear market-leader in this field, and we look forward to another 157% growth in the next few years!

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