Magna Accident Services

Magna Accident Services was formed in early 2009 to provide a specialist management service for victims of traffic accidents. The firm is able to provide more unusual vehicles (such as coaches and recovery trucks) for its clients, alongside taxis and the more mainstream modes of transport. Starting life with 4 staff, the firm has trebled its headcount and has ambitious plans to increase its share of the Credit Hire sector.

Jodi Daubney, Managing Director of the firm, talks us through her experience of Proclaim.

When was Proclaim implemented, and why did you choose the system?

Before forming Magna, I was previously a founding director of Just Hire Solutions – a credit hire firm specialising in services for taxi drivers. We chose Proclaim for our core Claims Management system, as the software had an excellent reputation in the claims sector.

When forming Magna, we had the opportunity to ‘go to market’ and assess what available solutions would be right for us. Key requirement was a system that could be adapted to manage the hire side of our business, and Proclaim stood head and shoulders above other systems we saw in terms of its ease of use and flexibility.

In addition, Proclaim had the advantage of being easy to integrate with third party systems – the upshot being that we could easily ‘talk’ to other Proclaim systems in use at our partner companies. With this in mind, and not forgetting our good experiences with the system at Just Hire, it was an easy decision to sign up with Eclipse again!

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Proclaim?

One of the biggest benefits, and one which is essential to our business, is Proclaim’s diary management. Tasks can be set to be automatically scheduled, based upon previous actions or case status, and ‘pop ups’ actively remind case handlers what needs to be actioned next. This greatly reduces the chances of human error, and means that staff can focus on providing excellent customer service, safe in the knowledge that the system is managing key time-critical information.

In addition, the way that Proclaim manages client information is excellent. Everything is accessible from a central ‘desktop’ – dates, actions taken, outstanding steps, all documentation sent and received, and so on. Some cases can become quite involved, but the system serves to detract from the complexity rather than add to it, which is extremely welcome!

To what degree have you tailored Proclaim in line with your bespoke needs?

Recently we have been making quite a few changes to the system to further align it with our needs in the credit repair side of the business. This is an area we are keen to expand, and Proclaim is proving to be a great foundation on which to build effective procedures (for example, better managing overall vehicle utilisation and the associated costs).

My brother, Adam Bradshaw, is also a director at Magna, and he manages all changes to the system – he’s certainly not what you would call a “techie”, but he always tells me that Proclaim is easy to amend! The important thing is that every facet of the system can be tailored. From creating new data fields through to implementing completely new front-end screens and tweaking workflow steps, no element of the system is out of reach. This of course means that we can really mould Proclaim into the system we want – we are not forced to work around a rigid structure.

Do you use Proclaim for managing reports and management information?

Personally I love the ease with which we can run detailed reports not only internally, but also for our clients and case referrers. Proclaim has an integrated report creation toolkit which is blissfully very straightforward to use. A logical wizard and ‘drag and drop’ interface mean that we can create and tailor reports quickly and easily, resulting in us keeping on top of key data – absolutely vital!

For example, we generate monthly reports for all our referrers which provide core case information and status updates. Doing this is easy, and if a certain referrer wants something different providing then we can do that with an absolute minimum of fuss. We also subscribe to Netfoil, and Proclaim allows us to export data to that system every month at the click of a button.

How does Proclaim fit in with your overall business strategy?

There is an ever-increasing amount of competition in the credit hire and accident management industry. To compete effectively, we need to know that our case processing is accurate and reliable. Proclaim empowers us to do this, and by gathering a reputation for speed and efficiency Magna will continue to grow its market share.

As a business we are always keen to work together with other credit hire organisations, and it is good to know that a large number of them are also using Proclaim. This makes data sharing and communications easier, which benefits everyone.

In addition, we have several plans for our future use of Proclaim – one of which is offering a ‘live update’ service to our business partners to develop relationships further. Proclaim’s ‘FileView’ system will enable us to do this via our own secure website.

To sum up, Proclaim has been invaluable in enabling Magna to grow and increase our market share. We look forward to growing the system in line with our growth, and we see no limit to what we can achieve!

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