Micrah Services Ltd

One of the industry’s most established and dynamic medical agencies, Micrah Services Ltd boasts an unparalleled reputation. The firm is committed to robust IT platforms, and delivers a service to its clients (and through them, their customers) based on an ethos of simplicity, speed and quality.

Through investment in customer service, client care and IT, Micrah has a long term strategic plan to develop and grow both its customer base and staff headcount (which currently numbers over 90). Steven Peake, the firm’s Head of IT, talks us through his experience of Eclipse and Proclaim:

How was the decision to implement Proclaim made?

The company’s growth had really taken hold by late 2003, and our existing system was beginning to sag under the volume of cases we were processing. We required a system that not only offered flexibility in line with our expanding business, but one that could also integrate with third-party solutions (such as Sage accounts) and our existing clients’ systems.

We put in place a selection process that looked at a variety of different case management systems. A key factor in our final decision was that the chosen solution should support and enhanced Micrah’s current customer service proposition in terms of data accuracy and speed of case progression.

After due deliberation, we selected Eclipse’s Proclaim system – its impressive functional capabilities, market reputation, and its successful use within many of our existing clients’ operations, made it the clear choice. Proclaim was rolled out to every Micrah desktop in April 2004.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from the system?

Proclaim provides a great range of tools to enhance our procedures. All case data and historical activity is stored centrally and can be accessed instantly by our case handlers. At-a-glance progress screens provide real time information so that it is always clear what needs to be done and when. Proclaim’s workflow system triggers future actions, diarises reminders, distributes correspondence, etc and ensures both consistency of approach towards cases and the flexibility to meet our clients’ varied needs.

Is Proclaim used to share information with Micrah’s clients and partners?

This is an extremely important area for Micrah, and Proclaim’s abilities in terms of data import and export are of huge benefit. We currently receive around 70% of our work electronically from our partners – Proclaim’s ‘Automated Task Manager’ tool enables us to create routines which accept case details from third parties, via email, and automatically trigger live cases (based upon set parameters) from them.

This is a key benefit to us in terms of both reducing administration (manually entering reams of case data is a thing of the past) and enhancing relationships with our clients (data sharing in this manner negates error and makes instruction instantaneous).

Eclipse’s ‘Fileview’ tool is another example of where Micrah has been able to use Proclaim to enhance the service that is offered to clients. FileView enables real-time data from Proclaim to be published to a secure section of the Micrah website. Here, clients can log in to view case-by-case updates, historical information, and ‘next step’ actions. This depth of access and transparency really sets us apart from competitors, and vastly reduces the time we spend responding to telephone queries.

How does Micrah generate management reports and keep abreast of data trends?

We rely heavily on management information to track trends and enable performance monitoring and optimising – both for internal processes and for service delivery to clients.

Proclaim offers great flexibility in how we access case data and statistics. We utilise the software’s own in-built report builder toolkit for key operational and case progression data. In addition, we utilise Proclaim’s ‘Dynamic Database’ function to allow reporting via third-party software tools such as Crystal and Microsoft Access. This function ensures complete data integrity whilst running the third-party systems, and offers us choice in how we want to access and present reports and data for both internal and external stakeholders.

In addition, we utilise Proclaim’s link with the Sage accounting package to record and analyse all incoming and outgoing financial transactions.

What does the future hold for Micrah?

Micrah continues to work in partnership with Eclipse to ensure that we receive maximum benefit from our investment in IT. Continual development of new systems and interfaces enables us to regularly review current processes, and increase the efficiencies of our service offerings. Indeed, at the time of writing, we are planning to upgrade to the latest version of Proclaim – v3 – which will offer us yet more options for streamlining workflows and enhancing the way in which we manage cases. It is well worth noting that Eclipse is providing this upgrade free of charge, under the firm’s standard software maintenance agreement.

In addition, we are implementing a deeper usage of Proclaim’s document scanning functionality to ensure that all incoming correspondence can be automatically scanned and allocated to the relevant cases as soon as it enters our building. A ‘paperless’ approach is very much the way forward.

In conclusion, our use of Proclaim has enabled us to standardise processes, reduce costs, and increase the overall value of our services. The software’s flexibility and its integration capabilities with other business critical systems place Proclaim as the ultimate solution with which to drive Micrah forward.

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