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International firm utilises Proclaim Case Management Software for in-house legal services 

Principal Global Investors is the institutional asset-management arm of the Principal Financial Group, serving clients around the globe, from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.

The in-house legal team covers a wide range of law including asset management, employment and corporate. The team also act as the company secretarial department and look after a number of boards.

Ruth Clapton, Head of Legal at Principal Global Investors, explains the firm’s choice of Case Management Software.

Why did you choose Eclipse and Proclaim?
We surveyed the legal case management systems available and asked a number of firms to provide demonstrations. We were looking for a system that would centralise all information into one desktop solution and provide easy to use workflows that would streamline our procedures and make efficient use of the legal team’s time.

From our initial enquiry with Eclipse, we had one consultant who dealt with our queries quickly and efficiently. She was extremely knowledgeable about the system and was happy to meet with us as many times as we required in order to help us develop a comprehensive understanding of the Proclaim system.

It became clear from the level of service we received, the professionalism of the staff and the great number of possibilities the system offered, that Proclaim was the system that met our needs best.

What are the benefits to using Proclaim?
In a nutshell, Proclaim keeps my legal team connected. The system collates every piece of client information so we always know exactly where each piece of data is. For our internal clients and stakeholders, this means they can call us for a progress update and in the event that one of us is out of the office, other members of the team can instantly open the file to provide an accurate update on their case. All the data is there and organised so every action taken can be seen and is available for recall within seconds, providing a seamless service.

A key benefit is Proclaim’s inbuilt adaptability. The system’s technical structure is exceptional so we don’t need to worry about maintaining that aspect of the database. This means we can focus on tailoring the application to suit our specific needs as an in-house legal department. We don’t feel limited to use Proclaim in a particular way – all our screens, fields and workflows have been created by us and suit our processes and file management practises.

Vitally for our legal team, Proclaim has allowed the speed of case progression to improve greatly. The overall time taken per case is now significantly reduced, but it still allows for a high level of service towards our internal clients and stakeholders.

In addition, Eclipse is incredibly proactive in enhancing the Proclaim Software, making sure end-users have access to the necessary tools. Eclipse provides upgrades every 12-18 months (free of charge), supplying a raft of new functionality. With so many legal software providers, new functionalities have to wait for a big upgrade, which usually overwrites all previous work and necessitates an entirely new way of operating. With Proclaim’s consistent upgrades, it allows measured and controllable growth.

How has Proclaim enhanced the work of the legal team?
Firstly, everything is now centralised within Proclaim. The software collates every incoming document so we know exactly where each piece of data is stored which in turn, means we don’t have difficulties quickly finding and extracting important information.

Secondly, Proclaim’s diary management is an essential tool. We can set tasks to be automatically scheduled, based on previous actions and ‘pop-ups’ can actively remind our case handlers what needs to be actioned next. This greatly reduces the chance of human error, and means staff can focus on the legal aspect of the job, rather than the administrative, safe in the knowledge that Proclaim is managing time-crucial information.

Additionally, Proclaim’s Task Server has proved invaluable in maintaining exceptional service to our business partners. At its heart, the Task Server automates our regular tasks and now carries out all our administrative and time-consuming, but nevertheless, vital chores. We rely upon the Task Server to check for updates within cases and alert the team as necessary to ensure actions or tasks are never overlooked.

How does Proclaim fit in with the overall strategy at Principal Global Investors?
As an in-house legal team for an extremely large company, we need to know that our case processing is accurate and reliable. Proclaim empowers us to achieve this and has given us a reputation for speed and efficiency within the business.

Utilising Proclaim helps us to achieve superb service to our stakeholders. We are able to open and commence work on cases as soon as instructions are received, and can make all relevant information available to our staff as the data is completely centralised. Managing the way in which cases are progressed means we have exceeded expectations in terms of efficiency.

Proclaim has enabled us to give our stakeholders more information, at a quicker rate and in a format they can understand. By being able to build our system in line with our preferred methods of working, we have been able to modify the way in which we convey information, yet retain the flexibility to make fast, consistent changes to our workflows. Essentially, Proclaim has allowed us to maintain our impeccable standards of accuracy without compromising the speed and efficiency of case progression.

Overall, Proclaim improves our case handling, reduces the time our case handlers spend processing each case and increases the quality of service we offer.

Do you have any future plans or goals for your use of Proclaim?
We are currently recruiting for another lawyer to join the team who will of course have access to the system. Over time, we look forward to growing the system in line with our increasing work force and business needs.

Overall, Proclaim has become an integral part of our business, enabling us to provide a seamless service to our stakeholders. Eclipse’s efficient approach to our needs and ability to provide a flexible and extremely robust solution has convinced us that Proclaim is the definitive solution for legal services.

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