Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins has supplied building materials to the trade for over 100 years, with traceable roots going back a further century.   With a network of around 2,000 branches, it is the largest supplier to the UK’s building and construction industry.

The Challenge
The firm’s insurance claims department manages all accident claims involving customers and staff.   With hundreds of depots and shops around the country, the team deals with upwards of 200 claims at any one time.

Managing the process for such a large number of claims was becoming impractical using spreadsheets, resulting in hours of repetitive manual work.   Travis Perkins realised that this method of handling claims was not sustainable, particularly as the company aimed to grow and forecasted increasing workloads.

The Solution
Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management Software system was recommended by the company’s own law firm (a UK Top 10 practice) who also use the system.   Proclaim’s flexibility allows it to be developed in line with the growth of the company, prompting Travis Perkins to investigate its implementation into other areas of the business.

The Results
Proclaim has eliminated time-sapping manual document production tasks, eliminating the ‘cut and paste’ chore by automating intelligent letters.   In addition, Proclaim’s dedicated workflows assist Travis Perkins with the understanding of the whole insurance process – users now have the confidence to progress claims quickly, without risk of human error.

A major benefit is how vital statistics and KPIs – such as the accuracy of each claim processed – can be reported on at the click of a button, instantly highlighting areas where improvements can be made and reducing ‘redundant’ claims.   The new efficient and streamlined process ensures that the firm’s strong reputation is securely maintained.

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