Proclaim Practice Management Software solution delivers above and beyond expectations at Chadwick Lawrence


Chadwick Lawrence operates from 7 offices across the West Yorkshire region and is now listed as one of the twenty largest firms in Yorkshire and Humberside. Offering a range of legal services, from Conveyancing and Family law through to Employment law and Personal Injury, the firm is proud to offer an exceptionally high level of service, combined with first-rate legal advice.

Dan Bell, Head of IT, speaks to Eclipse about the benefits to using our Proclaim Practice Management Software solution.

Why did Chadwick Lawrence initially decide to implement a new legal software solution?

After a review of our business development and internal IT infrastructure – and based on our previous technology – we saw there was opportunity to improve within a number of areas, specifically in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Prior to the implementation of Proclaim, the software we were using was extremely prescriptive and couldn’t offer us the necessary flexibility we required without involving substantial costs.

Once it had been decided that we wanted to upgrade our system, we initiated meetings with a number of suppliers in order to give ourselves a thorough overview of market offerings. Although we already knew of Proclaim through its reputation, the comprehensive demonstration of the software finalised the deal for us. Additionally, Eclipse offered a number of benefits from a commercial perspective, namely an out-of-the-box solution available to us immediately and with minimal adjustments needed.

What are some of the benefits of Proclaim?

One of the standout benefits to Proclaim is the sheer flexibility in the way in which it lends itself to being rolled out in stages. We decided to implement the core Proclaim Case Management system within our Personal Injury department first, quickly followed by the integrated financial and accounting toolset for our accounts staff within this department, providing a centralised application and eliminating the need for fee earners to use different programs. Following this success, our Conveyancing department was next to implement Proclaim, providing the team with the ability to consistently and effectively manage all cases and documentation.

Our reasoning behind this implementation method was to demonstrate to some of our less standardised teams the configurability available within the software to suit all areas. With this in mind, we’re currently in the process of developing Proclaim to fit in with our other business streams over the coming months.

Proclaim’s ease of use for our fee earners is exceptional. As I mentioned, we’ve rolled the system out across two major departments, which equates to around 70 staff, so it was vital that the new software could enable all our fee earners to continue to work without disruption. The installation, training and support from Eclipse was brilliant from day one, not only ensuring a smooth transition for our staff, but providing help quickly and efficiently whenever it was needed.

Additionally, Eclipse’s KPI toolset is fantastic. Seamlessly integrated within the overall solution, we now have clear visibility of performance – whether that’s staff or company – literally at the click of a button. The visual dashboard displays the information of our choice and enables our senior staff to drill down into any statistic – from specific fee earner KPIs to team KPIs, or all staff across the entire practice. It’s proven invaluable for planning and managing workloads efficiently as we can view data for any particular month, week or day, and make comparisons against previous years.

How is Chadwick Lawrence using Proclaim to manage new business?

We receive a large volume of referral enquiries from one of our partner companies, and prior to Proclaim we stored these details within a spreadsheet which was becoming extremely time-consuming as we had to duplicate data entry. Thanks to Eclipse’s efficient management of our overall software implementation, we knew immediately that the Lead Management tool would be our preferred method of data storage. Now, when work is referred to us as pre-client, it’s recorded, stored and verified in Proclaim, ready to be accepted or rejected. If accepted, a live client file can then be created at the click of a button and includes all the appropriate pre-existing information.

What benefits are you seeing from this tool?

One of the many great benefits is that it links in to our overall business performance KPIs.

Senior management have found the Lead Management tool to be incredibly useful as it provides accurate statistics on a variety of factors, from quantity of referrals received to cases accepted or rejected. Taking this further, Proclaim’s reporting tool means we can drill down into these statistics and efficiently and effectively measure our conversion rates.

Do you have any future plans for your use of Proclaim?

We have a number of long-term plans for Proclaim within the business!

One of these will be to implement the Proclaim DotMailer connector as we’re aiming to focus heavily on the CRM side of the business in the near future. Being able to integrate the DotMailer email marketing tool within our core Proclaim software solution will provide us with the ability to send personalised marketing campaigns using the contact data held within our desktop. This will enable us to seamlessly create accurate mailing lists depending on our client or prospect requirements, and will ultimately supply us with a clear picture of client and prospect engagement.

Essentially, our primary goal was to have a system that could expand with us, as well as provide the necessary tools to maintain our stellar reputation. Eclipse and its Proclaim solution has delivered above and beyond, providing us with unrivalled intelligence, detailed reporting and most importantly, a consistent solution with room to grow.

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