S&G Response

S&G Response provides a complete accident management service for drivers involved in non-fault collisions. From its base in Manchester the firm provides credit hire, repair, and personal injury advice for a growing clientbase. A strong reliance on technology has seen the firm quickly cement itself in the claims sector since its inception in 2009.

Nick Stone, Director at S&G, talks us through his experience of Eclipse and Proclaim.

When was Proclaim implemented, and why did you choose the system?

When we formed S&G in late 2009, we realised the importance of a core IT system that we could mould and configure in line with our ongoing growth and operational processes.

A market review was carried out, and we considered four case management systems at varying price points. We were already aware of the strong reputation Proclaim has in the claims sector, and that system immediately stood above the rest in terms of its inherent flexibility and scope for development.

It was key to us that we could use the system to build our own operational processes to create a competitive difference, and Proclaim’s toolkit struck us as – that rare thing – extremely powerful yet also relatively simple to use.

It is important to note that Proclaim was not the cheapest solution on offer – but its functionality, fit for our purpose, and excellent market reputation made the system a clear first choice.

How is Proclaim installed? Did S&G take a traditional installation path?

As a young and dynamic business, our early focus was based upon generating sales and delivering the operational plan we had set for ourselves. We therefore made the decision to outsource as many support services as realistically possible, and the actual installation of our software fell under this banner.

With Proclaim as our chosen system, we then tendered separately for providers who could host the solution off-site, providing data back-up services that meant we could also tick the ‘business continuity’ box.

An all-inclusive service was chosen, providing managed hosting of Proclaim and including vital services such as data security and complementary applications (Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, etc).

This enables us to closely control our capital expenditure, as the service is billed on a per-user, per-month basis making the investment one that can be managed in bite-sized chunks!

In addition, because all that we need to access our systems is an internet-enabled PC (or laptop), all S&G staff can work from any location and at any time. This kind of flexibility really helps us to fulfil our promise of fast response and excellent, ‘always on’ service.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Proclaim?

During implementation, we worked with the consultants at Eclipse to build in a number of processes bespoke to S&G. For example, we created a system-based data triage which assesses the prospects of recovery in various claim types. This has resulted in far lower transaction times, and greatly reduced leakage against invoiced amounts.

The ability to automate complicated and seemingly disparate processes with Proclaim has had real benefits to S&G. We now see the business performing above forecasted operational metrics in several key areas. Case cycles are shorter which is improving our cashflow and directly leading to a lower processing cost per case, therefore enhancing profitability.

Importantly, ‘frictional activity’ such as inbound query calls from clients has been reduced immensely using Proclaim. Inbound queries can really tie up case handler time, and serve as a distraction away from our core role of progressing cases onwards. However, to the client, being aware of case status is of course vital and a real influencer in terms of perceived customer service levels. To combat this friction, and to also enhance our service level in the minds of our customers, we proactively issue automated updates at key case stages. Proclaim is able to automatically, with no manual intervention required, send SMS text messages or emails directly to selected contacts at pre-defined points. A real time-saver for us and virtually a ‘no cost’ tool to boot.

How does Proclaim fit in with the overall S&G strategy?

S&G prides itself on responsiveness and clarity. Proclaim’s suite of automation tools enables us to be on-the-ball, and proactive in ensuring that client expectations are exceeded, not just met. In addition, Proclaim’s integrated reporting suite allows us to provide bespoke reports to our work referrers to maintain effective working relationships.

Eclipse and its Proclaim system have proven to be the ideal partners to meet our long-term vision of being the accident management provider of choice.

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