Smith Jones Solicitors

Expanding Personal Injury practice  utilises Proclaim to prepare for the future

“In a competitive legal  environment, Proclaim  gives us the advantage  we need to continue our  upward trajectory.”
Beverley Bellas, Finance Director

Smith Jones Solicitors is a rapidly expanding Personal Injury  practice, and one of Lancashire’s best performing businesses  across all sectors. The firm currently employs 60 people at its  Burnley HQ and Warwickshire office.

The Challenge
The incumbent software solution’s vendor was acquired by a large  multinational organisation. This meant that the development path for that  product was abruptly ended. Smith Jones took the initiative and went to  market for a future-proof Practice Management system. Core  requirements were a guaranteed development path, simplicity of use, and  tools that would enable lean, cost cutting process creation.

The Solution
Following a detailed analysis of available solutions, the decision was made  to implement Proclaim. Smith Jones saw Proclaim as “the next step” in
Practice Management – future-proof, with a strong track record and rich fee  earner toolset. Importantly, the cultural fit between Eclipse and Smith
Jones was excellent – both growing companies with a long-term vision.

The Results
Proclaim is used at every step of the client journey. The system’s ‘Lead  Management’ toolset comes into play at very first contact, tracking key  statistics for Smith Jones to ascertain the success of marketing campaigns.  Features such as SMS text messaging and automated ‘milestone’ emails  keep clients in the loop through the life of their case.

Smith Jones utilises Proclaim’s ‘A2A’ system for processing RTA cases  through the Portal, and will be implementing the system for EL / PL files  too. The practice has also created its own costs budgeting system to take  into account new rulings on high-value injury cases.

The future will see Smith Jones expand its operations, aiming to be the  number 1 personal injury firm in the region. Proclaim will sit at the core,  providing a flexible and future-proof practice-wide solution.

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