Unitown Hire

Unitown Hire has been one of the country’s leading specialist vehicle hire companies since 1996. The firm supplies replacement taxis to both public and private hire companies, following non-fault accidents.

An active member of the Accident Management Association (Jonathan Rose, Unitown’s Managing Director, is on the Executive Committee), Unitown has been instrumental in driving change and excellence in the credit hire sector.

Jonathan talks us through his experience of Proclaim.

When was Proclaim implemented, and how was the selection process made?

In late 2008 we had reached a point where the number of incoming claims was threatening to reach a level that was unmanageable. A nice problem to have, of course, and we decided to be proactive in looking for a new software solution to ensure that our service levels remained as high as ever.

We researched various systems on the market, and Eclipse stood out for two main reasons. Firstly, the company had an excellent reputation in all areas of the claims and accident sector, which was reassuring. Secondly, on meeting with the company, we found Eclipse’s approach to implementation and training to be a great fit for us. The firm recognised that a change of IT system can be daunting, and suggested a structured path to make the project as painless as possible.

Following a final recommendation from the person that actually designed our previous system for us, Proclaim was implemented in December 2008.

What day-to-day benefits do you see from Proclaim?

Our key service offering is based around speed and responsiveness. From the moment we receive notification of hire, we work quickly to establish liability, and from here – if non-fault – we can provide a replacement plated vehicle, nationally, within 24 hours.

With this in mind, it is Proclaim’s access to data and fast communication tools that are of huge benefit to us. For example, every element of the claim is stored in clear, easy-to-navigate screens meaning that we can recall and search for even minor details extremely quickly.

Document creation is automated, so that – at the click of a button – we can produce all necessary standard letters and have them ready to be emailed or faxed (automatically with no manual intervention required) nigh-on instantly.

To what degree have you tailored Proclaim in line with your bespoke needs?

In contrast to many systems we’ve seen in the past, Proclaim’s back-end technical structure is excellent, which removes the need for us to maintain and manage that aspect. That in itself is a great time-saver, and means that we can put our efforts into tailoring the ‘front end’ of the application in line with our specific needs.

The result is that the system our case handlers see and use is exactly the system we want – we are not limited or channeled into using Proclaim in a particular way. All of the system’s fields, screens, and workflow steps have been created by our own in-house team (another great benefit – no need to hire expensive external assistance!)

Do you use Proclaim for ongoing management reporting facilities and statistics?

As a result of using Proclaim, we are now much better served in terms of accessing data and key performance indicators. Daily, weekly, monthly management information… all is available to us at the touch of a button. We can tailor Proclaim’s reports to a minute degree, to ensure that we are always presented with the information and the date ranges that we want – there is no guesswork or frustration involved.

How do you use Proclaim to foster relationships with business partners?

We use Eclipse’s ”FileView’ tool which enables us to publish selected data to a secure section of our website. Our clients and intermediaries can then log in with unique password details and view live case status updates. We can make available as much or as little information as appropriate (some partners want simple milestone checks, others want to drill down to documentation level), and this is a fantastic marketing tool as well as being a great way to keep our partners informed.

How does Proclaim fit in with your overall business strategy?

A key Proclaim advantage is its flexibility – if our business needs change, then the system can be tweaked and managed accordingly. A good example is the recent launch of a new Unitown product, our ‘Taxi Defender’ Legal Expenses Insurance Policy. Taxi Defender aims to assist insurance brokers in heightening customer service and improving client retention at renewal time. We’ve been able to use Proclaim to manage the administration and tracking of our new product, with no need to go through lengthy system changes or consultancy periods.

In my opinion, Proclaim is the market-leading claims and hire software solution. It ensures that we process cases with impeccable accuracy, speed and care, and is flexible enough to scale with us as we expand.

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