Vantage Law

Founded in early 2011, Vantage Law has ambitious plans to carve a niche in the ultra-competitive personal injury claims arena.   A clear strategy is vital in order to establish itself and gain an edge over regional heavyweights.   The young firm is positioning itself as transparent, responsive and punching above its weight in terms of legal expertise.

Technology lies at the heart of fulfilling this vision, and at its inception Vantage Law chose Eclipse’s Proclaim system as its core Case Management solution.

Managing Director, Mark Pollard, explains why he selected Proclaim:

“I have always used Proclaim to manage the full case lifecycle.   When I made the decision to start my own business, Proclaim was the default choice for me – I had always found the system to be easy to use, flexible and extremely powerful.

Key to me was the fact that Proclaim allows for a greater volume of cases to be run by a smaller number of people.   My intention is to maintain a niche operation that is staffed by experienced people, rather than using higher numbers of less qualified personnel.   Proclaim is perfectly in tune with this ethos – enabling me to get more done with fewer bodies!”

As a boutique firm, Vantage Law aims to confidently compete with larger firms by offering a truly personal service.   Proclaim is instrumental in supporting this goal.   Says Mark:

“We are a true 21st century legal services provider.   Use of a Case Management system to provide streamlined communications (for example via email and SMS text message) is something our clients expect, and we can provide the highest level of transparency for them.   Using Proclaim, it’s no extra effort for us to keep our clients fully updated at all times and this engenders a strong culture of ‘service first’.

By maintaining this culture and continually delivering on our ‘service first’ promise, I feel we can provide a viable alternative to larger law firms who may not have personal service at the core of their operations.”

Just 3 months in to running a live caseload, Vantage Law was seeing real day-to-day operational benefits from using Proclaim.   Mark comments:

“As standard, Proclaim comes equipped with a very flexible and easy-to-use toolkit.   What this means is that we can constantly tweak and configure the system in line with our on-going requirements.   As a new firm we are of course experiencing great on-going change, and having the option to tailor Proclaim in-house in real-time is fantastic.

Booking appointments, quickly obtaining information on a file, and responding to queries are all made a lot easier due to the way in which Proclaim stores and displays information.   We never feel lost – everything is within reach without making us feel swamped by ‘data overload’.   This ease of use has encouraged us to monitor on-going claim statistics, business accounts and budgets, all within Proclaim.   We have even tweaked the system to enable us to monitor and report on service provider quality.

The software allows us to quickly and efficiently keep a tight rein on mission-critical aspects.   We have even adapted Proclaim to manage our staff employment records and keep information for all of our business associates.   This type of functionality gives us a real head start in terms of complying with SRA rules, which takes most new firms 6-12 months to meet.”

Mark is keen to maintain the excellent start his firm has had and is not resting on his laurels.   He provides us with a glimpse of things to come:

“Future plans are based around more efficient ways to share data with our business partners and claim referrers.   Using Proclaim we will move towards electronically importing new client details from work providers, greatly streamlining the case inception process and removing the need for manual ‘keying in’.

We currently have a link to the Premex Vu medical instruction system.   Proclaim makes integrating with complementary systems like this very straightforward – the link with Vu saves us a great deal of time on every file and reduces waiting periods.

The continuing development of Proclaim in line with our growth is the overall target.   From previous experience, we know of Proclaim’s capabilities and flexibility – the more we can continue to utilise its tools, the more efficiently cases can be run, and the higher our service levels will rise!”

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